Lottery Tickets

What you need to know about the electronic
transactions’ lottery and how to check if you are one of the lucky winners!

The Finance Ministry is expected to proceed to the second draw, based on taxpayers’ transactions paid electronically via debit or credit card in the period from 01-01-2017 until 30-09-2017.

This is the big draw of Christmas, which will distribute 1,000 Euros to 9,000 lucky citizens!

Below you can read what you need to know and how to check if YOU have won! (This article relates to all the future draws too)

1. Who is responsible for conducting the draw?

The Independent Public Revenue Authority which is part of the Finance Ministry.

2. Who participates in the draw?

Any citizen who has a Greek AFM and is over 18 years of age is eligible to participate..

3. What do I have to do in order to participate in the Public Draw Scheme?

In order to ensure your participation in any of the program’s public draws, you must have completed at least one transaction using a card or other electronic method (such as e-Banking payment) during the period in which the draw takes place.

4. How do I prove and disclose my online transactions in order to participate in the draw?

You do not have to take any action. Your electronic payments are automatically converted into lottery tickets by the system.

5. With how many tickets do I participate in the draw?

The number of tickets is based on the total amount spent electronically or by cards in the period covered by the draw


  • For a total sum up to 100 Euros, 1 ticket for each 1 Euro.
  • For the next 400 Euros, i.e. a total of 101 Euros up to 500 Euros, 1 ticket for every 2 Euros.
  • For the next 500 Euros, i.e. a total sum of 501 Euros to 1.000 Euros, 1 ticket for every 3 Euros.
  • For more than 1.001 Euros, 1 ticket for every 4 Euros.

6. How do I know if I have won?

Visit AADE

You will be asked for your Taxisnet username and password (if you do not have these details ask your accountant)

If one of your vouchers is included in the lucky draw, you will be informed via a personalised message through your Taxisnet account.

7. What is the prize?

In the case of cash prizes, each beneficiary wins 1.000 Euros.


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