Did you know that foreigners who wish to stay in Greece for a period longer than 90 days must have a residence permit issued by the Greek authorities?
Whether it’s a residence permit application, a first-time permit or even an extension, according to Greek law it must be accompanied by a letter that certifies the applicant has coverage of the following requirements at least one year from the start date of the visa:

Hospitalization in public hospitals (minimum coverage: €10,000/year)
Outpatient care / medical expenses (minimum coverage: €1,500/year)
Disability coverage (minimum coverage: €15,000/year)

Important Note – 2021 Update

As it is often the case with public services in Greece, it seems that each officer assesses the requirements differently, even though there is no official amendment.
We strongly suggest contacting the station or residence office (by phone or in writing/email) before applying in order to receive the exact requirements needed for your case. This is very important, as health insurance plans cannot and will not be refunded; refunds are only considered in cases where there is an official letter stating that the plan does not fit the requirements. This of course only means more delays and bureaucracy on the part of the applicant.
We’re here to help and encourage you to contact one of our English speaking team members to learn more about how to get resident permit insurance in Greece, what it includes and how much it costs.