The Ministry of the Interior requires that all applications for residence permits, either first-time permits or extensions of existing permits, be accompanied by a letter certifying that the applicant is covered for outpatient medical expenses, hospitalization, and medical care related to accidents for at least one year from the start date of the visa. This mandate is required even if one plans to spend less than a calendar year in Greece.

Requirements for your health insurance include the following:

– Hospitalization (minimum coverage: €10,000/year)
– Outpatient care / Medical Expenses (minimum coverage: €1,500/year)
– Accidents (minimum coverage: €15,000/year)
– A statement that the coverage is valid in Greece (or “worldwide” or “in the Schengen Zone”).
– The required coverage for hospitalization (at least €15,000) and for outpatient care (at least €1,500) is relatively low but the authorities stipulate that the insurance company must cover 80% of a bill. The new law (as of December 2014) does not include a deductible requirement but insurance plans requiring patients to pay more than 20% of a bill will not be acceptable.
– Please request an original, signed letter from your insurance company. The ministry has accepted faxed and scanned letters in the past but has also rejected them at other times. An original, signed letter is always preferred.

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