Upon arrival in Greece, it’s so easy to become absorbed in the country’s natural beauty and inspiring cultural activities that thinking about health insurance is often forgotten or undervalued. Not to mention that the complexity of Greece’s insurance system and slow bureaucratic processes are often the main reason why people don’t spend time examining their health insurance options.
The truth is that even if you are eligible for a European Health Insurance Card or you have international coverage from a state provider, having a local insurance advisor in Greece will save you a lot of time and hassle!
If you’d like to explore your health insurance options but are not familiar with the Greek language or the Greek insurance system, don’t worry – Insurance Greece has you covered! Not only are we locals in Greece, we’re highly experienced in the world of insurance, and we specialize in working with international clients living in Greece. We know our way around processes and how to find solutions to just about everything!

We always allocate a dedicated English speaking insurance advisor who will help you discover a wide range of health insurance options and find the most suitable solution for your needs. Whatever your case is, reach out to our english speaking team of professional insurance advisors and let’s make sure your health insurance needs are covered while you’re in Greece.

What does a typical health services network in Greece include?
  • Doctors of every speciality, with wide geographical coverage.
  • Diagnostic centers with the same geographical coverage, and where you can complete all the necessary diagnostic tests.
  • Hospitals with high quality services, as well as specially contracted hospitals where you can enjoy additional privileges.