We started with a simple idea.

To make car, house and health insurance easy to understand and obtain for non-Greek residents.

We have been servicing expats for years and have decided to move our expertise online.

Most financial institutions or insurance sales companies in Greece might have a few advisers, at best, who speak English. They claim to service Expats but they do this as an extra to their core business – and usually they sell and do not offer independent advice. We, on the other hand, are specialists, exclusively assisting Expats – because Expats require a very different set of advice and strategies for both their financial needs and for navigating differences in cultural background. It is not just the language – financial advice for Expats is a field for experts!

Tailor-made plans from your personal Insurance Advisor:

We have no Call Centres and no automated email replies. An actual person deals with your insurance needs at all times! Whatever your insurance plan, an Insurance Advisor is there for personal advice!

“Our goal is to create a simple portal with useful information about insurance matters in Greece as well as tips as to how to make the most of your budget